Wednesday, 17 April 2019

It’s almost time...

For the new series of Beechgrove Garden. It starts BBC Scotland at 8pm Thursday 17th April, or BBC 2 Sunday 12:30. Give it a go if you have never watched it. Personally I find it superior to Gardeners World.


  1. We have been waiting to find out when it would start. We like it better than Gardeners world as the planting is a bit more relevant to where we live

  2. I agree - it is far better - it's the one gardening show that I really look forward to - that's my Friday nights sorted now (I watch it on I player catch up) ☺☺ Thank you xx

  3. Beechgrove Garden I watch on my computer, as I can tune into Scotland BBC, on Thursday and again on tv whilst eating my lunch on Sunday, yippee.

  4. I will see if I can find it on my android box.

    God bless.


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