Wednesday 10 April 2019

Raised beds and fruit blossom...

Three out of the four raised beds out back, had spring planting put in them to help maintain the soil over winter. They are now in bloom. In the middle of each bed is their compost bin, all of which are awake and in action:

Bed 1 and a vegetable bed:
Bed 2 has rhubarb in the four corners and 3 parsley plants but not many flowers
Bed 3 isn't shown as it just has strawberries in it. Bed 4 the other vegetable bed, on the patio:
Greengage blossom - excuse the state of the fence. It is NOT ours and the neighbour changed the other half but not this half:(
The later fruiting Spartan, which I was told would take 7 years to produce a good crop of flowers, and it has:
The James Grieve apples are also beginning to send out flowers:

The front arch has in bloom (here on the back of the arch) a russet apple and pink pear:
The front apple (out of shot) and another pear which has never flowered, grow on the left.

We also have a back arch with two different plums - Victoria and Czar on one side and a quince on the other.

In the fruit cage are one blackcurrant, one bramble, two blueberries, two gooseberries and two new dwarf raspberries. The blueberries are slowly dying as we don't have the correct soil but have given us fruit for quite a few years. I think possibly this year, I may need to replace them.


  1. Your beds are looking good! Today's plan is to work on mine and see what has survived the Winter. It's a sunny morning here but only 2 degrees C at the moment!

    1. Thanks. Hope to have some good crops this year. The heat rather put paid to a lot of them last year.

  2. Your garden looks lovely.

    God bless.

  3. I love fruit trees in blossom. A welcome promise of deliciousness to come.


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