Wednesday, 3 April 2019

The front garden and loft

Welcome to Barb Surman via Bloglovin.

Our winter wasn't as bad as normal. As a consequence, the front garden didn't thoroughly shut down. Things are now growing well and soon, it will be full of flowers:
The euphorbia is already 'blooming', the mini daffs didn't do very well but all the late spring flowers have pushed out their leaves and in a few weeks, it will look lovely.

DB is currently hoovering the loft. Why you might ask!

We store rarely used clothing up there in suit zipper bags. You know the kind of thing, funeral and wedding and special occasion clothes which take up space in our everyday wardrobes.

He went to get something the other day, touched one of the bags and it went 'poof', disintegrating into black dust. Luckily it didn't cause too much damage to the clothing (as far as I know) but made a right mess on the floor.


  1. I never realized those bags could disintegrate. Good to know.

    God bless.

    1. These bags are half plastic half black fabric. The black has disintegrated.

  2. I daren't store things up in ours - they get nibbled by mice.

    1. We have an electronic mice repellent plugged in to keep them out the house.


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