Saturday, 6 April 2019


I was a bit late sowing my tomato seeds but 9 were sown and 8 have arrived:

3 x Orange Bourgoin, 3 x Ailsa Craig and 2 x Gardeners Delight. They were sown in quite small individual cell seed trays, 2 seeds per cell. The spare ones were removed and after about 4 weeks they had grown enough to pot on. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my 3" potting on pots so they have gone into 4" ones. Hopefully they won't mind.

6 will grow down by the garage wall alongside 6 climbing beans. The other two will be put into pots on greenhouse staging to keep them away from Ruby. If I decide we need more, I shall plant up the plantlets that grow in the leaf axils. They seem to readily root.


  1. I am very envious. We have repeatedly tried to grow tomatoes here but it seems we just don't get enough sun late in the season for them to develop properly.

    1. We can only grow them outside so green trusses of late tomatoes are cut and ripened on sunny windowsills. I think the smaller patio tomatoes ripen quicker.

  2. Not sure what will grow here but I have started some tomatoes off, time will tell...


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