Monday, 27 May 2019

Cracking up....

Being the Bank Holiday weekend, we thought we would take Ruby for a walk to see a food and drink fayre. We finished what painting we needed to do for the day, got two small rucksacks ready (one with lunch and items for Ruby) the other to hold anything we bought whilst there.

Off we went only to find just as we arrived at the first sign, that it is another weekend - doh!

Ah well, we turned around and decided to take Ruby for a walk anyway. On the way back, she went to the toilet then kept trying to wipe her bottom on the ground many times. Once home, we investigated to find a blasted burdock burr attached to her bottom, stuck deep into her coat. No choice but to cut it out then wash that area clean. I think because it was stuck she must have thought she hadn't finished going to the loo poor thing!

The lounge is finished apart from the door. The inner hall has had its ceiling, coving and walls done. All woodwork will be completed by the end of this week. Then the first week in June, the carpet will go down, curtains up and we will be back to normal. Poor Ruby is not herself, obviously a change in her routine.

Winter quilt and sheets are off the bed and nice crisp, lightweight summer bedding is on - yeah!


  1. Probably trying to wipe herself off on the ground dug the burr in even deeper to her coat. Poor dear.

    God bless.

  2. Poor old Ruby, that must have been quite upsetting for her. I'm glad you discovered what the problem was.

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