Thursday, 23 May 2019

Sheringham Park Rhododendrons

We walked here this week. Unfortunately, the early warm and dry weather seems to have taken its too on the normally magnificient bloom display.

I think they are almost past their best, some have already finished, only one or two are yet to come. So, if you normally travel to see them, do it in the next few days.

We have lunch down at Weybourne Station but the sandwiches, which are normally nice and with much variety, were also sadly lacking. Just two varieties and very plain and almost tasteless. I did email about them but have yet to hear anything.


  1. We went last year about the same time, on a hot day, and found the same things. Beautiful place but blooms were quickly over. It must be the effect of the shelter and sandy soils. Never mind open gardens start this weekend! And Norfolk open art studios.

  2. Such a shame about the sandwiches, disappointing.


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