Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Taking my pillow.....

Jamie Murray, UK tennis player, has finally started taking his pillow with him when he travels. I am the same. I usually also take a sheet! When it comes to sleeping, I am like the princess and the pea.

No pillow anywhere is the same as mine, and I have tried to use the ones supplied but with little success. Likewise mattresses. Some are great, others rock hard, some saggy or lumpy. That’s where the sheet comes in.

If the mattress isn’t to my liking, I either fold the duvet in half and sleep inside it or fold it in half, sleep on the top and use my sheet over me with a blanket, which can usually be found somewhere in the place.

Another trick is to take a piece of string ( or old pop sock). If I have to change to the spare bedroom, it usually has a single bed with a single duvet, which I find slips off constantly due to my tossing and turning. The string is tied to the top corner of the duvet, usually the one near the wall, then to the side of the bed frame. This keeps the duvet in place. See, method in my madness.

We were once in a cottage whose mattress was so hard and lumpy that I dragged an entire single soft mattress on top of and in the middle of the double one. DB slept in the spare room, he knows how irritated I get without sleep! It was quite a climb I can tell you, to get into bed, but boy, it made such a difference.

Not on the sleeping front, tea pot and our tea leaves. Is there anything you must take with you when travelling?


  1. Husband always takes his pillow, I'm not as fussy as him, I can usually make do with whatever they've got. I do generally take my favourite kitchen knife and tin opener, holiday home ones are normally blunt and useless.

    1. Ha - decent knives ALWAYS go with us if we're travelling for longer than a few days! I have to compromise when we go for a week at Christmas as it tends to involve a flight, and I'm not willing to trust them to hold luggage!

  2. I always take my own pillow and teabags, particularly if we are going abroad.

  3. I've been lucky with pillows on our last few trips away as they've been good, but I've had some shockers in the past.

  4. There are so many times that I wish I had brought my pillow on my travels... You are very bright to remember yours.

    God bless.

  5. Thanks everyone, glad to know I am not on my own.


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