Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream

We used the recipe from here for this ice cream but opted to use normal chocolate. It wasn't too difficult to make although we made it more difficult by not reading it properly!

I didn't have good quality vanilla extract so used what I had (unfortunately only 1 tablespoon was left) but used maple syrup instead of honey to help the taste.

We found 1 cup of cherries equated to a 200g punnet of fresh cherries which we stoned. 175g of frozen and thawed pitted cherries would also be the right amount.

1 cup of 70% dark chocolate, cut into chunks measured 135g.

If we make it again, I shall use half of the liquid ingredients at a time in my tall Bullet container to save using my big processor.

There was just a little too much liquid to fit comfortably into our 1.1 litre ice cream maker so we divided what was left between 2 chinese takeaway cartons ready for freezing. It may affect the outside texture a little so we will see. If it does, we shall just drink this extra amount:)

It was churned for 30 minutes which was about right for our ice cream maker. It struggled to incorporate the chocolate and cherries at the end but we just left it running. The end product filled the 2 takeaway containers. Here it is ready for the freezer:
The taste wasn’t too bad but it needed 15 minutes out the freezer to use. We both think the texture was more like sorbet than ice cream and neither of us enjoyed the solid chunks of chocolate. I think I will make it again and try melting the chocolate.


  1. Maybe you could grate the chocolate instead. Taht way you will still have bits but smaller bits.
    It does sound delicious!

    1. I did think of that but think the melted chocolate may help it taste more creamy.

  2. Looks delicious, it is something that I have never attempted to make. Do you need an ice cream maker or can be made without one?

    1. It has instructions for both but an ice cream maker does take the hard work out of making ice cream.


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