Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Front Inner Circle Garden...

We were lucky last night, as the storm seemed to have passed us by. We had 4 mini powercuts in about 15 minutes and about 2cm of rain. Today is supposed to be the worst day so we will have to wait and see.

The poppies have finished but were cut back yesterday to save them flopping over onto their neighbours. They will give us another display later in the year:
Some plants are opening, such as the peonies, roses and geraniums, others are finishing early. Again, heavy rain will probably finish those off as well. The poor farmers are having another bad year by the sound of things.

I have sprayed my tomatoes again with disprin in the hope of warding off blight but for a change, I don't hold out much hope. We have had one or two strawberries but they are now beginning to show signs of rot as well. Ah well, onwards and upwards.


  1. I'm checking the strawberries very carefully and they are OK so far but I do worry about the tomatoes - they haven't had a chance yet!

  2. Spraying with disprin against blight? Haven't heard of that, could you share details please? We have a blight 'risk' allotment.

    1. 1 to 2 soluble disprin per gallon of water. I use 1/4 per 1 litre of water in a spray. Spray leaves well well every 2-3 weeks. I also use the excess on my bean plants but don’t know if it helps them with anything or not. Use fresh each time hence a litre made up for me. See here:

  3. The weather conditions countrywide are not conducive to veg/fruit gardens but seem to be perfect for the!


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