Thursday, 20 June 2019

How's that...

For a cute little spray bottle!

I went to my doctor yesterday to seek relief in one ear after having it cleaned out a few weeks ago. I didn't have pain it just felt a little weird and bunged up. He prescribed this:
An Optomize spray. It took me two attempts to get it to spray into my ear after it was primed for use. I have to use it for up to 7 days and see how it goes. Can but try.

Looking forward to watching Andy play later today. I just hope he doesn't slip and injure himself further as there were a few close calls yesterday. Del Potro has had to pull out (due to slipping a few times I should think) with an exacerbated knee injury.

His match will probably be the only doubles we get to see as yet again, the BBC and Amazon, are primarily showing singles matches. Come on you lot, some of us love to watch doubles.

At least the BBC have said they are going to televise all 18 courts at Wimbledon so maybe this year, we shall get to see quite a bit of doubles.


  1. So far all I've seen of Queens was them talking in the studio when it was raining!
    Hope they don't have more rain today or they'll never get finished

    1. Other than the Andy match, no doubles being shown. Such a shame.


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