Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Temporary Curtains....

Although our front room is north facing, the sun pours in from its western aspect late afternoon to evening. It is almost impossible to see what is on the tv!

I found two fleece blankets that used to partially cover Ruby's crate and put them up, each held in place with three pegs:

When the white blinds and these blankets are shut, it helps to cut out quite a bit of the extra light.


  1. Nothing to do with your inventive temporary curtains...I just wanted to say thanks for the frozen doggy veg idea. I cooked some spinach and sweet potato (Betty doesn't like raw veg much), mashed them then mixed together with a couple of diced apples, an egg and a sprinkle of garlic granules and oregano. Put dessertspoonfuls on a parchment lined tray and open froze. She has a lump or 2 mixed in whenever I give her kibble with tuna or sardine, or scrambled egg. She loves it.


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