Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Where’s the sun gone...

By Sunday evening, we had 1/2” of rain in a bucket. This morning it measured 6”. Just about 36 hours of rain fell on Monday and Tuesday, alternating between light showers and heavy downpours. Today and Thursday have showers and dry intervals forecast. Wonder what is will measure by then. For us, one of the dried counties in the land, that is a lot of rain!

Water butts and ponds are full. The driveway has had so many puddles in it, that every time Ruby goes out to the toilet, she has to be dried off. The conservatory mat looks like it does in winter!

For some reason on Monday morning, she was a bit off colour. She just slept and slept, curled up tight in a ball. She did eat so that was something. By mid afternoon, she uncurled and began to be more herself. Come Tuesday, she was her usual cheery self.

The June drop on the fruit trees is happening all at once, probably due to the rain. I fear for my tomatoes. Being outside, despite spraying with disprin, which can help against blight, all this rain may prove too much.


  1. Sun's just come out here, but it's so cold! This weather is ridiculous.

  2. It is so cold here, I am wondering if I have the month right it certainly doesn't feel like June.

  3. Oh my, I would love some of your rain!!

    God bless.


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