Tuesday, 13 August 2019

An interesting watch...

For the most part, I enjoyed watching Andy's comeback singles match. Yes he lost but there were many touches of the old Andy, particularly in set 2.

He was so nervous at the start of set 1, very tight, awful serve and got broken. He broke back before being broken again when Gasquet did loads of drop shots. Andy admitted afterwards he could have gone for them but when previously playing in pain, he had gotten into the habit of letting them go.

In set 2 he was better despite losing his opening game and not being able to break back. Some wonderful shots, a few aces, some unreturnable serves. Clearly though, he was getting tired, particularly in his legs after some long rallies, one of which was 27 shots!

I am glad he is sticking with doubles for now as well, they will help with his stamina and match readiness. Hope he can find someone to partner him. Also glad he has chosen not to play singles in the US Open, I think 5 sets would be pushing it for now.

Jamie and Neil were completely off their game and went out in the opening match. Dan and Cameron didn't qualify. Joanna yet again, fell at the first hurdle.

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