Saturday, 28 September 2019

Evolving workspace wall

These are the items I bought from Ikea when we were visiting, a new version of the good old pegboard:
I hope to buy at least one more, probably two, some shelving to fit on them and some open topped holders rather than the style of the capped ones at the top. That way, I can utilise them for sewing items as well.

Ruby decided she wanted a cuddle with her dad whilst they were sat in the warmth of the sun:


  1. I've seen them in Ikea. It's nice to see what they look like when up and working, so to speak. Hope you're feeling a bit better today :)

    1. Starting too. Made 4 cards today, all in the bin so perhaps my head isn’t really in the mood.

  2. Love IKEA for this sort of thing. Re: above comment. I hope your creativity returns soon.


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