Thursday, 12 December 2019

White glass crockery

A few years ago, we changed over to white glass crockery from Ikea. At the time we bought dinner and side plates and small/cereal/soup/dessert bowls.

When we went back the other weekend whilst away, we found some larger bowls in two sizes. One size was too big for our needs so we bought some of the smaller ones.

We wanted something to put our pasta in that would help contain any sauce from running off the edges of a plate.

Herewith a trial with Quorn madras curry and rice. The spoon underneath is a tablespoon to give you some idea of size:
There was plenty in it to fill us up.


  1. I am a fan of those plates. I'm notorious of breaking any kitchenware (my record is five soup plates at once!). They are nice, and lightweight. I have noticed I don't drop them as easily as heavier plates, but they do chip easily if I manage to hit them agains something hard (as well as any kitchenware in my kitchen). And being cheap is therefore a bonus. Maybe metal plates (like they had in army) would survive in my hands?

    1. Everything was getting too heavy for me so these are ideal. Being plain, they don’t try to be prettier than the food.

  2. It's a perfect sice, isn't it? I like white too.

  3. We use our pasta bowls frequently as you say it stops the sauce running away.


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