Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Wrapping paper

This year I decided I would make our own wrapping paper, then promptly forgot or couldn't be bothered at the time.

We needed some paper but the first few parcels I wrapped and stamped afterwards, didn't work properly on some of the less flat soft parcels - doh!

I unrolled my brown paper at the table and set to stamping it whilst flat. A quick rough and ready first time but I hope to improve:


  1. It’s a wonderful thing to do,, we have made our own as well, not recently but when our children were small I carved stamps into potatoes and did potatoes stamped gift wrap on a huge toll of brown craft paper we were given,, turned out really pretty, I carved holly berries and holly leaves. Thanks fir bringing that memory back for me! Your paper is lovely!

    1. Thank you and you are welcome. Yes indeed, sight, sound, smell and touch have the power to evoke memories.

  2. That's lovely! I'd not want to throw it away if it was on a parcel I received.


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