Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Yesterday afternoon

We took Ruby to the beach for us all to have some fresh sea air. It was very cold and windy. The tide was in so we didn’t have to walk far. Ruby chased through the shallows like a loon. We think she must have got water up her nose as she ran back to us barking like a seal. Eventually she did a rather noisy sneeze and blew mucus all over her face:)

Today we both had overdue chiropractic treatment, delayed from before Christmas. I think we both needed it. Lots of muscle lumps were squeezed out via my shoulders and my hips and spine needed alignment, as did DB’s.

Very cold in the fresh wind despite being 11C. Heating is off as we wait for our boiler service but the wood burner has been lit.


  1. I'm glad poor Ruby is feeling better. I'm waiting for the massage therapist with some tight muscles as well. How's the new grand baby?

  2. We too are slowly getting back to normal, I had a chiropody app. yesterday at 9:30am in a town 20mins away.. so we were up before I was awake and then I was tired all day! Hope Ruby is feeling better, poor luv.

    1. She’s fine, first time we’ve seen her make such a noise.

  3. Fresh air is the best medicine. I hope Ruby is better now and gotten rid of all that water she breathed in.

    God bless.

  4. The salt water obviously cleared Ruby’s sinuses, haha! I always feel so much better after being to the chiropractor :)


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