Monday 2 March 2020

My first paper pad birthday card

I had been eying up the beautiful paper pads in the shops for months. Up until now, I hadn't invested in any as I wanted to practise using dies and stamps.

However, they got the better of me and I ordered some. The card was made for a friend whose birthday is later this week. I don't think she reads my blog and if she does, hopefully she will like what I have made her.

The pad measured 8" x 8" and I made a 5” x 5” card, a size that would use no more than one sheet for the whole inside base, plus the outside left bit:
The little bit on the front is one of 6 toppers that are on a single sheet inside it. I had three hearts left from another project and did actually use a stamp!
All in all, I like it and shall make more when needed but hopefully, all different and different styles of cards.


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