Thursday, 18 June 2020

Back garden

Finally, after weeks of intermittent sunshine and rain, things are moving. Mini comice pear tree:
Bed 1 with a whole 5 dwarf runner beans in but another 3 sown direct:
 Bed 2 and 3 above. Bed 1 below, again, plus a red pear pear tree:
Fruit cage which has dwarf raspberries, a few gooseberries, a few blackcurrants and a thornless blackberry. To the left of this cage are two mini plum trees.
The two alstroemerias at back left and right are new, the French marigolds I grew and the other plants are out of the plastic cartons on the patio table. Below, is the remaining small fuschia from the same containers.

Finally, bed 4 on the patio was emptied of its weedy vegetables and changed into a flower bed:


  1. It looks lovely and must give you so much pleasure.

    1. Certainly does when we are out on the patio under our huge awning. However, as Ruby non stop chases flying things and their shadows, after about an hour we have to bring her in to cool down!

  2. All looks wonderful. I love the idea of a mini pear tree.

    1. It wasn’t a dwarf tree but gave up the ghost somewhere along the line.


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