Thursday, 30 July 2020

Cold to hot!

As ever, our weather is keeping us on our toes.

I have been in and out like a yo-yo, gardening until hot, coming in to cool, then repeating. It is now warm inside so I have given up.

I have severely pruned back two apple trees and stored the prunings. We hope to take them to the compost tip early tomorrow. The final rhubarb has been moved and leek seedlings put in.

Another day the pears will be lightly pruned and the greengage. Most apples have fallen so not much from them this year.

Once the council empty our garden waste bin next week, we shall carry on in the front. I really want to get these jobs done by the end of August.

Looking at the world map covering Covid-19, there are now several hotspots forming. Our government is not making this increase up and some people need to start taking it a bit more seriously.


  1. Is it not amazing how some people think this is all made up...

    God bless.


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