Friday, 23 October 2020


Part of developing my card making skills is to learn to colour better. Despite doing a BA in Fine Arts, Fine Art was not my strong point and I moved very off piste in my development!

Also, my biggest problem to date has been making myself spend money. Having been frugal for so long, and now having more money available, I was finding it very difficult to make myself spend it.

I want to colour cards (and other things) without just being able to use stamping ink. I have been looking at alcohol markers, looking at each make in detail, couldn't make a decision. Some are refillable, some aren't. The unfillable ones are cheaper but that means throwing them away once done. Some can be ordered individually to replace empty ones, others in sets, some, would need the whole set replacing just to replace one!

Then, watching a video on colouring cards, I came across wooden pencils with a wax crayon interior. A whole other ballgame. In the end, I settled on Derwent Coloursoft.

Next dilemma - how many to buy. They come in 24, 36, 48 and 72. I looked online at the colours that are in each set and went for the 72. Most sets just didn't have enough of the colour range I knew I would be interested in. This make also sells them individually for when a certain colour runs out. They are not cheap. On the makers site they average £148. On a well known online site £116. However, I carried on searching and found another online site, dedicated to pens and got them for just under £97, quite a saving overall:

I have begun my journey and so far, am enjoying myself. Better get a move on though as I still haven't begun my Christmas cards:(


  1. Money well spent for the hours of enjoyment they will bring. Looking forward to seeing your work.

  2. Hi not sure my comment posted as I wasn’t signed in.
    I’d be very interested in hearing your views on these once you have used them for a while. I have Polychromos pencils which I really like but like you found it hard to decide what to buy.

    1. So many things to chose from it’s intimidating! I’m no artist so I think I might struggle but am happy to practise. I will only be using them on card stock for now.

    2. I’m no artist either but like you find practicing fun and also only use them on my cards

  3. I am excited to see your cards. It sounds so relaxing to color cards. Let us know how it goes and please show and tell

  4. I think that you are really going to enjoy using your pencils and I am excited to see your cards.

    God bless.

  5. Gosh it just shows that it pays to shop around. Your frugal crown is still in place ;-)


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