Saturday, 30 January 2021

Yet more examples of Brexit madness...

Being a gardener and doing everything I can to reduce my use of peat, I was quite shocked at the suggestion of using it to circumvent Brexit bureaucracy! 

This article appeared yesterday here.

This latest mess comes on top of firms being advised to move to the EU to circumvent other problems here

On top of these are the imports and exports customs mess. Fish, food, general post and parcels, lorry drivers getting stuck, empty trucks entering and leaving - absolute madness. All the current problems are taking place in the two month leeway, heaven helps us after that.

Now we have arguements over whether to block us getting vaccines from Belgium - such pettiness!

Whether you signed up to stay or leave, thses problems affect everyone living here. They need sorting out, pronto!


  1. I think this is the reality of Brexit, and I suspect things will get worse rather than better.

    1. I think I read we have two months grace then I think it will potentially get far worse. I hope though that eventually things may improve when each side has stopped being petty and silly.

  2. Thankfully common sense in the end prevailed until the next thing...

    1. Hope so but will wait until our next lot comes from Belgium.


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