Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Peanut Butter Cookies - Vegan

Another recipe from the lovely Niamh at Fairyland Cottage. Quick to make though I couldn't get the coconut sugar to melt so I add the flax 'egg' to the pan and it went fine after that. I managed to get 16 small cookies:

I gave them 12 minutes, then carefully flicked them over and cooked them for another 2 minutes. After that, I placed the tray and cookies on the cold sink draining board to cool off, then onto a cooling tray. I didn't add the chopped date or the molasses.

Link is here.

These were just a tad too peanutty for me. Next time, I will use a different butter but add some chopped nuts. I also might try adding a little raising agent as well. They are rich enough to use only one at a time so that is a bonus!

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  1. They look delicious. I am not doing much baking of late, we are trying to eat a little healthier.


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