Monday 15 February 2021

Thank you Mr. Postman!

 Poor Andy was completely out of sorts yesterday and lost his final. It was the worst he had played all week. Too long, too wide, in the net etc. Methinks he will have lots to work on but his movement was fine.

We decided to bite the bullet and buy some more jigsaw puzzles, online from The Works. They range from a 500 piece for £5 to 1000 pieces for £7, so not too expensive. We bought 5 to get free postage:

We are currently doing the 500 piece Pets on Wash.


  1. Some nice jigsaws there, I've never been able to manage more than a 500 piece one. I just haven't got the patience or the eyesight!!

    1. Finished the 500 one today after starting Friday. Today’s bit was the hardest for some reason!

  2. He is staying put to play n their next tournament. He really wants match condition practice and at least having got to the final, he had plenty.

  3. OH, I like the look of the market place jigsaw

  4. Nice assortment of puzzles.

    God bless.


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