Sunday, 14 February 2021

Watching Andy on ATP Challenger TV

 I have been watching Andy Murray all week in his Challenger Match in Italy. It has been hard work for him and me!

At times he was sluggish regarding decisions and depth of ball, some of them poor. His movement on the whole though, has been very good. Opponents are doing lots of drop shops not expecting him to get there. Most of the time he does, others he doesn't bother with if too far away. He has, on the whole, got better as the week progressed and if he wanted to be match fit, is beginning to get there but he has been breathless at times. Possibly post coronavirus?

He is in the final this afternoon, about 3:30pm. Be warned, they don't find it easy to find him as his match often doesn't pop up until the last minutes. However, if you want to try and find him, this should get you in the vicinity of him here.

Drop down to Biella 1 tournaments and eventually his match will pop up.


  1. Sadly we do not get to see much of Andy anymore on Australian TV - I always enjoyed his passion and determination.

    1. Me too. He was frustrated yesterday. Mind you, the guy who won was a fantastic server and yesterday was his 9th win.


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