Monday, 26 April 2021

Bulk buying when possible - my 5L storage area

In the spare bedroom, sitting alongside the bed settee, is my 5L storage container area.

For washing up, hand washing and making my own laundry liquid, we use Ecover. It works out slightly cheaper to buy them in bulk and uses less plastic. Another thing we buy in these 5l containers is white vinegar. This is used for household cleaning, preserving, fabric conditioner and if necessary, hair conditioner (I normally use apple cider vinegar):

There is another washing up liquid around the corner. I wish we had the kind of place nearby where we could get these and other items refilled, but alas, we don't.


  1. You can't get the large containers refilled but at least you can put them into your recycling ... if you don't have another use for them ... and they can be downcycled.
    Buying once in these large containers is so much better for the environment. You are doing your bit and if everyone did just a few swaps and the best they are able to the world would be a much better place.

    1. Ecover are using recycled plastic in their containers as well. I used to plant them up but they dried out too quickly.

  2. I once had the 40L Ecovers with taps in the shed - but that was when the children were still at home - 40L would take forever to get through now! My 5L like yours are somewhere in storage - I should get to meet them again sometime- hopefully


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