Saturday, 22 May 2021

May as well be Autumn or Winter

 I was going to change the duvet over from the heavier winter one to a lighter summer one but it is still too chilly. Haven't yet reached the stage where we are waking up hot so there is no point changing it at present.

The heating is on and off like a yoyo. The temperature at the moment is still 8C, the poor tomatoes and French beans are still in the greenhouse as it is just too cold, wet and windy for them:(

Forgot to show you yesterday some parchment paper that I laid sheets of dyed paper on which were waiting to be baked:

Such gorgeous marks. They will come in handy for paper/sewing items. I am starting to save my onion skins, plus avocado skin and pips ready for more dyeing. Watching online, people also dye outside, for health and safety reasons, using vinegar, alum, iron, tannin etc in their water. They also use food colouring, paint and lay plants between sheets of paper before soaking. All look interesting and I am very excited to try some of the techniques. 

It's like being back at University on my art course! Which reminds me, I have kept all those journals so might check through them to see if anything useful is in them or where I noted down techniques I used for work.



  1. I'm so glad that you're enjoying learning new skills and have something just for you.
    I've just connected with a second cousin via Ancestry. She knows very little about my mum's ( her dad's) side of the family so we're swapping photos and my mum's providing information and anecdotes. I'm enjoying it and further research is keeping me occupied and my brain active.

    1. Haven’t done family history for a while but it is so exciting to meet relatives and exchange pictures and info.

  2. You are having a great deal of fun with your different natural dye techniques. Very interested in what colours your next batch of dyed papers will be.

    God bless.

  3. The sun came out 5pm............for 10 minutes!

  4. It really isn't warm, is it. I came home, ten minutes in and the heating was on. It felt so chilly. And for the first time ever I took a fan heater and my warm coat and gloves - gloves - for a May holiday. And used them!
    At least we're not getting frosts now - touch wood.


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