Tuesday, 18 May 2021

One of the books I chose

Was quite modern:

It has information and beautiful illustrations:
When dyed to age them, the pages look like this:

The bottom one was baked dry on a sheet pan with a different pattern on it which transferred. I quite like it. The book also had a couple of nice fly sheets in it:



  1. Interesting -will you now stick things in it? This is a craft I don't know about.
    (although as a ex library assistant and book lover I cringe slightly at cruelty to books!)

    1. Hopefully, it will be full of things to use, places to secrete items etc. I don't mind turning books into something else, at least it will be used and loved rather than gathering dust. Some of the old hardcovers have beautiful artwork on them which I won't cover so they retain their original elegance.

  2. Rather coincidently I have just started journaling too, but I have started with a blank A4 hardbacked book. As well as some bits and pieces of ephemera that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks I have been going through old magazines cutting things out that might come in handy before I recycled them.

    I have also taken the gorgeous fly sheets from a few of my books instead of purchasing special papers for background interest ... don't tell Sue from Suffolk she'll faint ;-)

    1. Ha! Close your eyes Sue. I used to nick blank flysheets all the time from books when I was little for writing and drawing on.


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