Monday, 3 May 2021


I thought the ending to Line of Duty was very poor, it didn't make any sense at all. Ah well, life goes on nonetheless!

Not looking forward to the weather this afternoon. The covers of beds 1 and 3 have been removed so they can get a good drink. The garden will feel better for it but no doubt, the weeds will go mad. 

After our walk last week, we sat outside. The sun was shining and we thought we would be okay. No sooner had we sat down, the clouds and wind came and we were soon frozen. DB kindly went back to the car to get me a bigger coat but I chilled by then. The place wasn't serving hot food either which didn't help. Although to be honest, it would soon have gotten cold.

Track and chase apparently changed 4 weeks ago. Before, just one of us would scan the code to register, now everyone has to do so, even if you are in the same house. I don't have a smart phone so had to fill out a form. Whilst understandable and which I agree on, is going to be a pain, as I don't like giving my email out at the best of times, let alone the home phone:(

Time for some lunch which will be leftovers, as will tea tonight.


  1. Agreed Line of Duty ending was a disgrace. So many things left unsaid. I can only presume this can be used to introduce another series. Very little rain as yet on the Essex coast but the wind has got up.

    1. Assume you eventually got some rain?

  2. I've never watched Line of Duty but have heard that people are not pleased with the outcome. I gather the series has been quite violent with lots of nasty stuff which puts it beyond the pale as far as I am concerned. I can't cope with that sort of thing. Yup - snowflake me!

  3. I've never watched Line of Duty, except for the clips shown on Gogglebox, but seeing as how everyone I've spoken to has said how disappointing the ending of this series was I'm really glad. I do hate it when the loose ends are not tied up at least some of the way at the end of any series, and I'm wondering whether with all this disappointment they will lose some fans before a new series can be made. Things can't just go on forever because they started out well.


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