Sunday, 25 July 2021

Lack of Olympics on TV

 Apparently the BBC lost full broadcasting rights to the Olympics in 2015. These are now with Discovery + and Eurosport. The BBC can’t broadcast more that two Olympic sports at a time, hence why no multiple red buttons. Now we know.

Many viewers are angry as they aren’t seeing much rowing, gymnastics and no tennis. So I feel glad we signed up for streaming so we can at least see some sports we love.

Poor Andy has had to pull out defending his singles title due to a thigh strain, giving it up so he and Joe can concentrate on the doubles. Well done young man.

Liam Broady, a late replacement for Dan I think, has won his first match.

Still no storms or meaningful rain so far, just that fine floating drizzle occasionally. Might have to give in and water if nothing happens. It is cool so that is a bonus as the humid weather wipes me out.


  1. People who dislike sport would probably say that there wasn't an absence of sport on TV at all!
    Thank you for explaining the missing tennis on BBC might have known it was all connected to money.

    1. Always the same. I enjoyed watching New Amsterdam but Sky has got the new season:(

  2. Sorry that you can't get much Olympic coverage, we get lots here in Canada. From our broadcasters and the United States as well.

    God bless.


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