Friday, 17 September 2021

Trying a new to me Eco Wash Sheet

 *I have not been paid to advertise this, just trying it and seeing how it performs*.

Although I have made my own laundry liquid for many years I thought I would try something else. Something that works and is as Eco friendly as possible. There are many such things to try but I settled on this.

If you buy it as a one off it is quite expensive £15 for 40 sheets. If you subscribe, that price drops to £9. We estimated how many washes we do in a week and settled on a trial of 2 packets (80 sheets) every 3 months. This can be adjusted up or down depending on how things go. Shipping is free. Unfortunately, like an awful lot of things, they are made in China for now but the company plan to manufacture them in several world zones so I hope they do that soon.

The sheets are in a cardboard package, which can be composted. The inks used to print it are eco friendly and it comes in a postal cardboard envelope:

Each sheet measure about 5.5" x 4.5" and one sheet is designed for a  'full' load. Two are required for heavy loads and for a smaller wash, the sheets can be cut or torn in half. They can be fragrance free as above, or fragranced. I am going to try half a sheet soon to see how it fares. UPDATE - it worked well!

We rarely have heavily stained clothes so can't vouch for that type of wash but so far so good. They appear to create little suds and so far, I haven't used any fabric conditioner. The clean washing just smells clean with no overpowering chemical smell.


  1. How interesting. When pouring freehand liquid into a ball I am never sure of the least wasteful amount to use and I regret that I forget to work out how much a wash costs.

    1. They cost more than my homemade liquid but are good value, even more so if cut in half. No waste, dissolve fully, clean.

  2. We have a company in Canada that makes these. I will be interested in how well they work.

    God bless.


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