Sunday, 16 January 2022

A tad overpackaged!

 We had a delivery yesterday, this is how it was packaged:

A little bit OTT.

Also, I for one will be glad to hear the back of the constant news about a certain tennis player. The publicity has completely overshadowed all tournaments previous to the Australian Open and indeed, all build up to it. You could hear the exaspaeration in the players voices during post match interviews.


  1. I've had packages like that before isn't it infuriating, what a waste of resources.

    The news has been very blinkered just recently with the same three items appearing over and over, surely SOMETHING else is happening in the world!!

    1. Yes it is and you would think so re the news. So blinkered.

  2. I once ordered something very small and it seemed like it was sent in the biggest box possible.

    God bless.

  3. Why does it sound like Amazon. Whilst we have been over here we ordered something and it was put in the rubbish bin! Very poor service


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