Friday, 29 April 2022

Swapping a meal for a dessert

 Yesterday, we should have been having chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach and eggs for tea. However, a bought loaf of bread was getting very old and we were worried about it going mouldy so swapped this out for bread and butter pudding. Here it is, fresh from the oven although it sinks down a bit afterwards:

Four slices of buttered bread cut into quarters, with a tablespoon of sultana's and one teaspoon of sugar between each layer (6 quarters in this tin). Therefore that was two layers and 4 quarters leftover for the top. Beat 4 eggs and make up to one pint of liquid with milk. Gently pour over the bread and leave to half soak. Keep gently pushing the bread down into the liquid as it has a tendency to float. Sprinkle the top with sugar and in this case, cinnamon at DB's request. I don't add sultana's to the top layer as they can burn.

It was baked at 190C for about 30 minutes. We had half each with hot custard and it certainly filled us up! When you think about it, it is really just sweetened poached eggs on toast.


  1. Not sure if the sound of sweetened poached eggs on toast is as inviting as bread and butter pudding! But I love bread and butter pudding!

  2. I bet that tasted divine. We haven't had bread and butter pudding in ages. I use doorstep jam sandwiches scattered with sultanas to make mine and it's a real treat now and then.


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