Monday, 2 May 2022

Ruby is...

 Currently laying beneath my chair as I type this, head twisted at an awkward angle (as always), snoring loudly. She would not be the type of dog to share a tent or indeed a bedroom with!

About the first of each month, we move/pick everything up off the lounge floor (not heavy furniture), and give it a thorough clean and hoover. The armchairs are swapped around to ensure fair wear and tear.

Each year we find it harder to do but can still do it so do.

My first sown vegetable seedlings are popping up and my fruit cage is looking full of (so far) healthy fruit bushes and plants. One gooseberry every year gets infested with sawfly. The leaves are already disappearing but I can't find the caterpillars yet, blasted things. I shall put some newspaper underneath and give it a good shake and hope I can catch them that way.

I will sow beans direct into the ground in a couple of weeks. My toms are not looking too great at the moment, this new peat free compost doesn't seem to suit them but we shall see. If they don't make it, I shall buy some from a local nursery.


  1. I've found some of the peat free composts are not good for anything. Makes me bad to say this but I look for some that isn't peat free every year

    1. I think manufacturers still have a way to go with the peat free recipe.

  2. I've given up sowing tomato seeds - they have failed year after year. I just get them from a local garden centre where they are good and not shockingly costly!

    1. Bought them last year and they did well but I like to grow unusual varieties.


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