Friday, 6 May 2022

Sun, sea and potatoes

We took Ruby off to the seaside yesterday for a swim in a deep puddle of sea water. She doesn't want to run too far into the sea but if we stand either side of this 3' puddle she will run/swim across. Her fur has been feeling tacky lately with all the dust around and she was scratching a lot. She feels better now and is less itchy.

We of course also treated ourselves to chips and curry sauce. We then had salad for tea.

DB is busy outside cleaning/hosing out the gutters. Quite a bit of dirt and moss has accumulated. The debris has been thrown on the back flower border to give it some nurioushment. He seems a bit wet so has started hosing and cleaning the windows as well, go DB!

I have been sealing and vacuum packing dehydrated potatoes. Seems an odd thing to do but we do eat them on occasions and once the packet is opened it is difficult to keep them fresh. 

Each packet contains enough for one meal, plus instructions on how much liquid it needs. We rarely use just boiling water, preferring to use mainly hot milk with a good blob of butter in it plus black pepper. They will now last well past their date:




  1. I'm feeling a need for a trip to the seaside, for the big skies, but our weather has been awful and isn't forecast to be any better next week, when J, KL and her partner are all off work.

    1. So far so good here but we really need rain. Everywhere is bone dry:(

  2. I have never come across dehydrated potatoes before. Such a great idea as we waste such a lot of potatoes.


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