Wednesday 17 August 2022

Darling son to the rescue - again

 After helping me get out of a collapsed bed frame on holiday, it was his dad's turn.

We were with him and our granddaughter at a local small farm play place. In the ride on toys section (in the barn) was a tractor tyre for children to ride around. DB was so busy filming his granddaughter he backed into it.

Down he went firstly on his backside, then on the rim In slow motion, he fell fully into the centre with legs in the air. I unfortunately missed it as I was sitting elsewhere. DS was busy pushing his daughter so didn't notice it either.

He couldn't get up or out so DS, once he realised, had to help him.

They both saw the funny side of it but DB was very stiff by the end of the day but thankfully, no injuries. Good job DDiL wasn't there, she would have dissolved into a fit of giggles.


  1. So good no injuries, except of course to pride. Always embarrassing to fall, and people might get the giggles.

    1. He couldn’t get up easily but found it funny which helps.

  2. I think that's the main reason we have sons, to rescue us when we get older ;-)

    I'm glad DB was okay though, a tumble backwards is always a nasty shock.


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