Monday, 22 August 2022

More toms, beans and fermenting tomatoes!

 Having processed the remaining of the previous tomato harvest, more were ready for picking:

There are probably twice as many left but they are still green or just turning red. 

After washing them, some were used to make my first jar of fermented tomatoes. Several were cored then cut into 1/8ths. 3 cloves of garlic peeled and sliced and several sprigs of fresh basil washed and dried and leaves removed from their stalks.

I was a little worried how much himalayan salt was needed (4 teaspoons per quart jar) roughly 2 pints). 

Anyhow, I layered everything in, adding the salt as I went. The lid is screwed on tight and shaken until loads of liquid is formed. It is important to make sure enough is formed to keep the tomatoes under it. A couple more tomatoes were added as there was too much air space. Everything was shaken again.

I then changed the lid for a pickle pipe, wiping the rim and outer ring clean so salt doesn't corrode it. Below is the jar before shaking:

And afterwards with pickle pip to allow fermenting 'gases' to escape without letting air in:

It is now sitting on my counter top fermenting for 3 days. After that it will have a normal lid slightly loosely fitted and will be stored in the fridge.

I will let you know what it tastes like if it doesn't go mouldy!

Hopfully the link below will work to take you to the page on how to do it:



  1. That is fascinating, and I have never heard of a 'pickle pipe'. You have to tell us if it works and what they taste like ... or I will sulk!!

  2. Looking forward to hearing how these taste - hope they're better than my fermented gooseberries!

  3. Interesting. I hope it works and you can give us your taste test results.

    God bless.


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