Saturday, 17 September 2022

Dog and flowers

 Poor Ruby came back from her walk with both ears rolled up by burdock burrs, blasted things. DB had a hard job getting them all out but she lay there stoically:

This is what came out:

The dahlia seedlings I bought in spring didn't do well in pots so were transferred to spaces in the garden a month ago. They have gone mad, even if it is nearing the end of the season. I picked a posy of them yesterday:

I didn't realise they would mature into proper plants. As they were transferred, we noticed they were forming nice tubers!


  1. Sorry your dog's ears got messed up but glad he was taken care of. My daughter and I were at at dahlia farm a few weeks ago. Lovely flowers. Yes they are grown from the tubers, not seeds,here in Oregon. I'm glad yours grew well as they are lovely flowers.

    1. Yes, I knew they were grown from tubers but I don’t usually buy tubers because of the faff of looking after them:( I will leave them in, as we have sandy soil, they often survive.

  2. Aww poor Ruby, she must have been very patient. I don't miss doing that it was a full-time job with Sophie, the Border Collie when we lived on the farm. Not so much her ears but everywhere else. Silky haired dogs really do suffer with burrs and also with little 'snowballs' after running around in snow.


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