Thursday, 15 September 2022

Some things finished

 The runner and French beans are finished. I got one more lot to freeze then DB cleared them and raked over the soil. The courgette got the same treatment. Now we have access to the soil, we shall once again be doing in soil composting.

Simply dig a trench about 8” deep, half fill with kitchen scraps and rotten leaves if you have them. Cover over. As scraps become available repeat the process.

This worked well last winter in our 3 raised beds and we hope to begin in our 2 new beds as they become available. Yes volunteer potatoes and tomatoes rush up but just remove them if they aren’t needed.

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  1. Yes, I've been doing that with my new raised beds, it's handy while I haven't got a compost bin to fill, and it saves on buying lots of compost. By next year the scraps and trimmings will be well buried and rotting down.


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