Saturday 12 November 2022

Another increase and awareness

I had hoped to go to M & S last week to pick up some more tins of meat, as I had a feeling they would go up soon. Unfortunately, we had no other reason to go in so left it until this week.

A long list of shopping meant we needed to go in and yup, you guessed it, already gone up in price.

 The chicken was still the same but the steak, steak and kidney had gone up another 25p per tin. We bought two more of each flavour as they are so nice and put them away for future use.

The other thing we noticed were youngish mums (25 and under), pushing their babies in prams. The babies were all making eye contact with them, cooing and smiling - to no avail. Each and every mother was too busy staring at their phones to notice. Such a shame.


  1. I hate it when I see people so engrossed with their phones that the best parts of life are slipping past them unnoticed, when it's their own children's early years it's even more heart-breaking isn't it. Alan had to slam the brakes on yesterday as someone glued to their phone stepped into the road just in front of him.

  2. I really find it difficult to hold my tongue when parents are paying more attention to their phones than their children.

    God bless.

  3. I live opposite a Primary School and see this all the time - mothers glued to their phones while babies look in vain for a response, also toddlers being dragged along, on their way to collect an older sibling, but their cries being ignored. The most worrying thing, though is when I see mothers reading their phones while their youngsters treail a few feet behind them on the pavement. This is a BUSY road at school-leaving time. There's no communication at all, nor a comforting word or smile. No wonder youngsters are losing the art of talking.


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