Monday, 26 December 2022

The Day After...

 We had a quiet day yesterday. I slow cooked a half leg of lamb and served four plates up. Two were had yesterday, the other two today. There is enough left over for one more meal, maybe a shepherps pie.

We opened our few presents from each other plus friends. Our usual budget each didn't go very far this year, a sign of the times. Amongst presents, we each got a jigsaw from each other, plus I got one from a friend. That should see us through this year at least! Might get more yet for the New Year when we celebrate with family.

Eventually had a lovely chat with granddaughter yesterday. She became overwhelmed and had to go to bed and was quite grumpy still afterwards. 

Don't think she is fully well yet from whatever lurgy she has had. DDiL is having a rough time, seems to be picking up everything going and has been unwell for several weeks. DS caught it but was only unwell a few days.

Our Christmas baking went fine but don't bother making pastry with cholesterol reducing fat, just doesn't work.


  1. You can definintely buy a lot less with your money these days, perhaps it's good that we expect less as we get older, because I think that's the way it is from now on. It's nice that you already have todays meal made, it's going to be good to be able to sit back and know all the prep has been done, but you will still eat well.

    After a Christmas buffet at Mum's instead of a cooked meal yesterday, Alan is cooking us a Christmas dinner today. He's never done it completely on his own before, so I am keeping out of his way ... unless he has any questions.

    1. I think also as we age, we don’t need much more stuff! Just had bubble and squeak with a poached egg on top for lunch. Shepherds pie made for tomorrow and enough stock and lamb left to make soup.

  2. just in case you haven't seen this. I know how much you like Andy Murray. As do I.

    1. Yes, I had read it but thanks for the link anyway.


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