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Having made the decision to eliminate SLS and Paraben's from my shampoo and conditioners, I then concentrated on making my own liquid soap from bar soap that is also free of or has greatly reduced similar products.

Next on my list of things to look at is my skin. It is definitely changing as I age, becoming dryer and thinner, more wrinkly, with blemishes appearing etc. I don't even want to acknowledge hair thinning but that is also happening:(

Having sorted out hair and soap products, the last thing I wanted to carry on doing was use my usual chemical laden face and body products. There are many companies who now produce (or appear to produce) more natural products - for a price:(. There are also oodles of recipes on-line for making your own so I started reading.

HOWEVER, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH & SAFETY RULES - WHICH SHOULD APPLY (but often don't seem to on some recipes, in particular the lack of a preservative in recipes using water based products) - DO YOUR RESEARCH WELL!

With that in mind, and in particular, preventing bugs and moulds growing unseen in your home made products, which have the potential to make you ill, I have provided an excellent link to someone who knows far more about this than me. When you have time and the inclination (it is a little chemistry heavy), have a look around this blog

Who knew for instance, that a 100% oil based product usually doesn't need a preservative, but anything with petals, dried/water based products, with water or the potential for water to get in them (i.ei. bath salts, scrubs etc) does!

Oil products though can go rancid or you might be allergic to some of them, in particular, the nut based ones. Talking about oils, do you know which ones are likely or less likely to clog the pores of your skin, check here

Another area of reading before you start, is with regard to the essential aromatherapy oils, check here
paying particular attention to the dermal irritant bit!

I envisage changing how I treat my skin, whether I make or buy in different products. I will give my opinion on whether I like/don't like, a particular method, recipe or product. That shouldn't put you off as recipes/products mentioned may be fine for you!


The first shampoo we tried was from here
This smelt lovely and lathered well, but left our hair feeling heavy/odd slightly tacky. My hairbrush wouldn't go through properly.

The second shampoo and conditioner was from here:
Both of these products are very good. Smell gorgeous, lather well, feel great, hair is soft & shiny after use. Once opened they have to be used within 3 months so don't order in too much. I now store these in the fridge!


From the two sites mentioned on this post, I decided to have a go at cleaning my face with raw honey, before applying moisturiser in the form of my own blended oils

Two weeks later I can report, that for me, both are working well. Read here for my evaluation of using these two methods.


You can find out how I made this simple product here

I find this works very well for me.

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