Frugal Tutorials

Frugal Tutorials:

All purpose cleaner and disinfectant: here
Another cleaner: here
Citrus Cleaner: here
Old style Laundry Liquid: here
New version Laundry Liquid: here

Blog Tutorials:

This page will endeavour to help you with your blog, either with a tutorial by me, or a link to an external tutorial, that I have found not only useful, but relatively easy to follow.

Unfortunately for me, Blogger updates these 'how to' tutorials and I don't always notice!

Add pages and their simple tabs to your blog: here

Add links from your posts (or external posts) to your new pages: here

Add a picture to the top of your blog: here

Create a navigation bar (a little more difficult) similar to my green one: here

How to back up your blog and its template: here

Stop following a blog by permanently removing it from your reading list: here

How to add photographs and links to your blog here


  1. The Thermal Cooking Bag link has I will never know what it is!

  2. Must update these links. Yes sorry, she has taken her blog down.

  3. See here for what one looks like.


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