Saturday, 5 May 2012

I've just found a new gardening programme to watch - check it out! plus trees finally attached to fence

The weather forecast didn't say any showers for us today so thought we would get out in the garden and put our 2 new fruit trees in. Managed to get them both in before the FIRST shower!

 Then put up 2 canes and painted them – SECOND shower.

Tied in two branches on the new Spartan apple tree – THIRD shower.

Another cane to put up, paint and tie in the remaining branch. I need to read up now on where to prune the leader to encourage another tier.

In-between 3 more heavy showers, we finally got the canes screwed to the fence and tied in the Spartan apple tree and Greengage tree.


Then I found this beauty in flower:

I was reading the letters in the Radio Times the other day and someone mentioned a really good gardening programme (of a similar ilk to those who remember Geoff Hamilton).

 If you live in Scotland you may be able to get it on Freeview but I don't know which channel. If you live elsewhere and have Freesat (not Sky Freesat) it is on channel 970. The programme is called Beechwood Garden and airs at 7.00pm on a Thursday evening. They started last Thursday for their current season. It is also repeated on a Sunday at 12:00 mid day.

I think it is also on Sky 990 and On Demand for 7 days only. Check it out, it is a programme of proper gardening, comparing seeds, compost, how to grow everything, trials etc. They also visit local school gardens plus other interesting places. Mainly though, they are a how to garden programme. This is their web site: Beechwood Garden


  1. Oooh I like a good gardening programme. Have to see if I can catch it tomorrow. Yep, the weather folk lie dont they. I was wrestling with a new cover for my greenhouse and had to abandon it for the same reason.

  2. It has been fine here today but very cold again.
    Thanks for the heads up about Beechwood Garden, I remember reading about it before but never knew when it would be on, I shall make a note. I do so miss Geoff Hamilton, used to watch him on a Friday and he so inspired me I couldn't wait to get in the garden at the weekend.
    Carol xx

  3. Joy and Carol - like most folk I watch Gardener's World but it is just getting too big for its boots and starts later, finishes earlier (in the year), takes time out mid summer for various events. Can't speak for this one I've recommended regarding if it takes time out but it is very useful, especially for those who are new to gardening. We have finally got our canes screwed into the fence and the trees attached. Will add (the not very exciting photographs) shortly.

  4. Can absolutely recommend Beechwood Garden - we watched it religiously when we lived in Scotland and loved it - we have missed it no end since we moved to England. With only Freeview, we can't access it but I am so pleased to be reminded of it again and to find that they have a website is brilliant - can't think why I have never looked for one before! Many thanks!

  5. Me again - so pleased to see that Carole Baxter and Jim McColl are still part of the team at Beechgrove. They were two of my favourite presenters. There was another chap with a beard who doesn't seem to be there now who was also good.

  6. I'd like to have a go at doing that with a couple of fruit trees.We dont have much room in the garden itself but they could go on the fences.I might wait and see how you get along with yours!

  7. I will check to see if it's on virgin media catchup as I love gardening programmes.
    I too used to love watching Geoff Hamilton, he was very enthusiastic about his work and had a lovely voice and so well spoken. Such a shame he died so early.

  8. Morgan and frugal freesia - You are welcome for the Beechwood Garden web site link, I was just pleased to find it. When I said On Demand I meant on the BBC iplayer,and yes, Geoff Hamilton is still sadly missed by me as well.

    Anne, I have quite a few trained trees now, been doing it for about 10 years. It is a very handy way to grow them. I have a pear 'festoon' style (branches tied back like loops onto the trunk takes up roughly 14" of space. The two from yesterday plus another 2 apples on that particular fence. Then I have 4 trained over an old cheap metal arch that has now rotted away but the trees have remained in shape. Finally, 3 more over another similar rotted away arch.


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