Saturday, 16 October 2021

Preparations still ongoing

Oil tank filled, log stores full, papers for lighting the fire, still collecting. DB is chopping kindling each day, trying to get our kindling store sorted out a bit more.

So far I have preserved piccalilli, marmalade, green tomato chutney, mincemeat and jam. I shall do one more lot of marmalade then that may be enough.

My Brexit box, which came in useful for the early months of lockdown, has been filled up and then some. People think I am strange but I really don't care. Its not just about preparing for winter anymore, its preparing for whatever. Not some imaginary apocalypse scenario but food shortages/mega increases in food, fuel and other items or possible energy shortages. 

Forewarned is forearmed. If buying items now to squirrel away is seen as foolish, guess I am a fool? No, I am simply buying now to help those price hikes not hurt so much in the future. We have lived through hard times and can do so again. 

We know how to conserve our water supply, how to reduce our fuel bill, cook from scratch, keep warm, and clean our homes with just a few items rather than a ton of sprays, full of chemicals.

It occured to me the other day to go through my digital bookmarks, for recipes I am interested in and get them either printed out or written into a recipe book. Hints and tips on all kinds of problems also need to be jotted down. 

Have you ever thought what would happen if the internet/power went down for a prolonged period of time. We wouldn't be able to shop as neither the tills nor your bank cards would work. Cash can't be gotten hold off and even if you had some, where could you spend it? Stocktaking is all done via the tills. What goes out needs to be brought back in etc.

No power for days on end, heat, lights, cooking? A family member lives in an all electric bungalow. I have persuaded her to buy a small flat camping stove to boil water for hot drinks, filling hot water bottles to keep warm, simple food cooking. She will be buying extra candles, lanterns and a head torch. She has loads of batteries for items already.

Think about it, are you prepared?

More window blinds

 The new blinds that fit into the double glazed window rubber bits are very effective. A year has passed since we fitted a set to the bedroom windows. Full moonlit nights and sunny mornings are no longer a problem, the room remains quite dark.

We have waited to buy a set for the lower windows in the lounge. The side window already had some. We do have white vertical blinds. Whilst they give privacy, they do nothing again the bright sunlight or cold air dropping down. Yes, although they are double glazed, cold air  still drops down a little, making my feet feel cold.

They seemed to take a bit more adjusting than last time but for the most part, are now done. Might need a little tweaking. Below in the picture, right hand side, is the blind and its surround fitted and in the upright position:

These blinds can be opened from the top or bottom but we tend to have them closed at the top, then pull the bottom bit into place when needed. Gosh, they made such a difference last evening. We don't have plans to do the two little windows yet, we will decide later on.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Hot off the press!

 About 9.00pm last night, I set to peeling and salting vegetables ready to make piccalilli:

After giving them a thorough rinse and drain this morning, the mustard sauce was made and here we are:
They will need a minimum of 6 weeks to mature before we can start to eat them. The middle jar will be used first as I didn't quite have enough to fill it. I have one jar from last year and the vegetables are still quite crunchy. Another job ticked off!