Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Schwartz creamy chicken and leek bake - advert!

In the past, I normally wouldn't use packet mixes as they had too much rubbish in them. However, they are getting better nowadays.

Whilst visiting DS and DDiL we were given a meal using one of the above mixes and it was delicious. This week, I had a go. It didn't taste the same. Probably because after frying the bacon we removed it and it should have stayed in whilst everything else was cooking. Also, DS said they used more cheese. Ah well, lesson learnt!

Herewith said packet mix:
After first stage of cooking on top of the stove:
After 20 minutes in the oven, topped with a little cheese:
We got two of these dishes, one divided for last nights tea, the other into the freezer for another meal:
We used chicken thighs as they were on offer. Each serving, including peas, cost 95p.

I might have a good at replicating it using fresh lemon zest, marjoram, parsley and a little cream.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Through the round window...

Upon opening the lounge (aka front room) curtains after a cool night, we noticed the outside of the new windows were misty - normal now due to them being filled with argon gas. There was a nice circle of clear glass:
How pretty is that!

Now that the council garden bin has been emptied, we can at last start clearing the front garden, getting it ready for winter.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Anniversaries for today

Today is the 7th anniversary of when I first started blogging. Blimey, where has the time gone and how am I still managing to find things to write about?

Today Ruby is 8 months old!

Yesterday I went for a health check. Apparently we are supposed to have them every 5 years. I had my flu jab with a local pharmacy last week and they agreed to do it as I couldn't remember when I had my last one.

Anyway, all seems well. My BMI is 22, blood pressure 115/69,  heartbeat regular (say what, I have an irregular heartbeat problem so maybe that is also changing) and my total cholesterol is 5.54 (good stuff almost double what it should be so that is very good).

She wasn't concerned about it being just over 5 as my eating and exercise lifestyle means my cholesterol level can be up to 10. There is no way I want it up there. At my last check is was 7.5 so a good reduction.

So all the tests she did,  mean my CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk is 4.7%. Hopefully that holds true down the line.

None of the above means I won't have a heart attack or stroke but hopefully, I am doing the right things to try and reduce my risk.

Have a good weekend everyone!