Sunday, 19 May 2019

Just one small part of the lounge ...

Other than the walls,  is back to normal - the chimney breast:
Carpet will go down early June, followed closely by the curtains:
We are going to delay buying them until the sales, saving us 20%, same with the lamps. Also, they only come in pleated versions, so we have to pay to have eyelets put in.

We could have had the carpet done next week but as it flows through from the lounge into the inner hall, which has yet to be painted, we are waiting. Patience, patience!

Friday, 17 May 2019


I have mentioned before about going off a certain brand of chocolate I used to love. The taste has changed since the new owners took over. Now they have bought out a dark milk version.

Ugh and double ugh! It is slightly greasy/slimy in texture and not pleasant at all. I so wanted to like it but don’t, so will have to stick with good quality chocolate, with high cocoa mass but eat less of it.


After painting yesterday, I stood at the washing machine, stripped off dirty clothes, put them in there, filled it up with other washing.

Later on, I was hanging said washing out and realised my painting tee shirt wasn’t there. We double checked the machine and clothing, nope, nowhere to be seen. We both checked all rooms, wash basket, wardrobes, cupboards, drawers etc, nowhere to be seen.

To say we were both flummoxed was an understatement!

Ah ha! A few hours later I finally remembered that I chucked out the tee shirt I was thinking off last year. The one I had been wearing was blue (and hanging on the line) and not the old green one I was hunting for - doh!

Carpet chosen and ordered. Curtains chosen but not ordered as the shop says they will have a sale on in two weeks time and to go back then. Curtain poles chosen and bought.