Friday, 17 August 2018

Rain and Chinese....

It rained yesterday for a good six hours or so. I am sure the garden will benefit greatly.

Last night was our once a term ‘school’ Chinese meal. We used to do this when our village school was open and have carried on, just the four of us now.

We have a meal designed for three but there was still too much. Leftovers will be thoroughly heated through for our tea tonight.

After that, we settled to watch a dvd - Jumangi -welcome to the jungle. DB and I had watched it a few weeks back but neither of the others had seen it. I think they enjoyed it.

Ruby was a bit of a pain. One guest who loves dogs decided to sit on the floor with her. She got excited and became more of a nuisance, her ‘play-biting’ becoming a tad painful.

The more you discipline her when she is wound up, the worse she gets, just comes back for more! She got put in her crate and let out after a few minutes. After that, she was okay and settled down to sleep. It is the only thing about her, that irritates us beyond words and we have tried everything to stop it.

It use to happen once a day but is building up again to several times a day. I hope she grows out of it otherwise we shall have to seek help.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


If you don't like looking at toes, look away now!

If you have any form of toe or foot pain, here is a good link to work out what might be happening.Wearing normal everyday shoes/boots, I can walk around the street for quite a while and not get sore toes. Most days but not all days.

However, even though I have properly measured walking boots, after a couple of miles, the pads on my outer toes start to go under their counterparts, causing first soreness, then extreme pain.

To counter this, I have to plaster the outer toes:
The big toe on my right foot has a similar problem so that too has to have a plaster on.

Also underneath my right foot, just to the right of the pad of the big toe, I have a Morton's Neuroma (a similar thing is Capsulitis). It used to be very painful, felt like I had a grain of rice trapped underneath my skin. I now put a plaster here and if I remember to do so, hardly have pain whilst out on a long walk.

These problems seem for me, to be advancing with my age. I love walking in the countryside so if I end up eventually having to plaster my feet more, so be it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


I don't know about you but I think the wasps are very bad this year. We must have a nest somewhere nearby as we were inundated with dozens of 1cm long baby wasps a month ago. So far though, not many of the larger French wasps are around.

Getting fed up with not being able to sit outside for long (and eating was impossible), we bought a bottle of cheap beer and decanted it into an old yoghurt pot:
This was just one day and night, should have covered it to prevent the moths getting in:( Anyhow, one wasp and one moth were still alive so I got them out before throwing their mates down the drain. It has now been refilled.

They are still a bit of a nuisance but not as much as before. If you don’t want to kill them, place some honey on a saucer away from where you sit, should help. This is what we normally do but we have so many this year I have had to use this method for a short burst.