Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Waitrose - Chocolate and sour cream loaf - updated

The recipe for this can be found here. We reduced the sugars by 10%.

Haven't tasted it yet but here it is fresh from the oven:
And with its milk chocolate topping:
I had run out of dark chocolate so used milk instead. We plan on having a piece tomorrow so will let you know then!

Had a small piece for supper, very rich but nice. Topping helps cut through the richness.

Monday, 18 March 2019


If the weather forecast is correct, we should have around 5 hours of sunshine. Hoping it is true, there is one line blowing in the gentle breeze. Another wash is on to fill the other line.

We needed some bread so instead of using the bread maker to bake us a large loaf, we are trying the smaller medium loaf. Hopefully it will fit our slicer better as we have to cut the rounded top off a large loaf.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

In my fruit and vegetable garden this year...

I will be growing the following:
Only beds 1 and 4 are available for vegetables, as last year, bed 2 had rhubarb transferred into it and bed 3 strawberries.

Tomatoes and beans will go down the garden wall near the garage as well as a few tomatoes in pots on the patio.

Also in a couple of pots will be 2 tubers of:
I quite like begonias but rarely grow them. I do know, that if you remove the male flowers as they appear (the small insignificant ones), the female flowers grow far bigger. That of course, may only apple to the big blousy versions.