Thursday, 23 January 2020

Plodding On

I have started to finish the item I am sewing for DGD. I am taking a chance as obviously, they are busy looking after her (and working) so their minds are on other things. Hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Their building work continues apace and everyone will be glad when it is finished. The noise, dust and cold have been hard for them all. Luckily DGD is still in hospital. She continues to be well thank goodness.

We hope to go up tail end of next week to see her and them, providing the work is finished which the builders reckon it will be.

Just been to the garden centre to buy two more bags of manure. One for the fruit cage, the other for all the fruit trees.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Snowdrops and aconites are popping up in other people’s gardens and the surrounding countryside, there are none in my garden as of yet. They seem to get later each year.

I have decided this year to keep a sleep record. It’s one thing telling a doctor you can’t sleep but another to be able to show them. It never seems to get taken seriously. They just spout words at you about sleep hygiene and coping mechanisms etc.

So far, for the month of January, I have had no more than 9 nights of relatively normal sleep. That is, getting to and staying asleep naturally (hopefully within 3 hours of going to bed), without the use of Nytol or Bailey’s! That is very good for me.

I don’t feel sleep deprived as in feeling overwhelmingly tired, but am more irritable than I used to be and the slightest thing, somedays, can have me in floods of tears. I wouldn’t mind going to one of those sleep centres to be wired up and see if anything is causing it. Mind you I either wouldn’t be able to sleep due to the wires or would fall asleep and nothing would register.

I know I am not alone and as it has been going on for many years, is now probably just how I am.

Life eh, always ready to throw you a curve ball!

Monday, 20 January 2020


Some parts of the country, yesterday we awoke to another sunny day, albeit with a good frost. We finished off our Chinese meal from yesterday as a snack.

Another batch of washing dried on the line and I used the final sachet of washing machine cleaner to help keep it clean and fresh smelling.

DS arrived back from America and I feel I can now relax a little. I hate him flying although he thinks nothing of it. No doubt DDiL and his dogs will all be pleased to see him and he will enjoy seeing and holding his daughter, rather than gazing at photographs.

I cooked chicken breasts for tea. After frying them for a change, I made a sauce with the juices, some almond milk and blobs of Boursin garlic and herb cheese. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables, it was delicious.