Sunday, 23 January 2022

Coping on a reduced budget

Pricing increases and delivery problems are a big concern for many at the moment. Our food budget has certainly increased and increased again in the last year. Bills have gone up and in Spring will go up again, especially fuel.

We have been through our monthly, quarterly and annual budget. We add everything up, add 10% for inflation, then divide it back into its monthly, quarterly and annual components. 

However, as we age, my thoughts do turn more to how would I cope if anything happened to DB. He financially would be fine if I went first as he has the bigger share of pensions. We have both made wills and paid upfront for our funerals.

He has spent quite some time, going through all our finances, spending and savings. He has created a list for me, of what amount comes out of which account, who it is paid to and when. I did have a good idea but it is always nice to see it in black and white.

He has created another smaller list of his pensions, life insurance and any other credits I might get. Without a share of his work pension, which I am entitled to, I would just be able to manage everything on my government pension and my teeny tiny other work pensions.

How that would pan out in future years with this crazy financial worldwide situation I don't know. It has however, taken a great weight from my shoulders.

I would hope before then, and before we get too decrepit, we would have moved closer to our son, into a smaller property and be even more financially secure.

People say 'why are you still being careful with money, why have you gone without in past years to save for your future. That is why!

None of us know what the future holds. We have no idea when and if we will decline in health and need a major outlay for help. Staying at home rather than going into a home is our top priority, unless medical problems dictate otherwise.

That is also why.

We do still want to live and go visit places and have the money to do so. Pandemic to one side, this year we hope to do more of that.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Mask wearing

 As far as I know, we are supposed to still be wearing masks in shops? In Lidl, the manager was swanning around without one, he wore it last week. A group of school boys weren’t wearing theirs either. Two men and one woman didn’t wear them either. Have previously seen these wearing one.

Then went to Morrison’s where almost everyone had one on.

People, flu has just started in Europe, wear one against that at least!!!

Sunday, 16 January 2022

A tad overpackaged!

 We had a delivery yesterday, this is how it was packaged:

A little bit OTT.

Also, I for one will be glad to hear the back of the constant news about a certain tennis player. The publicity has completely overshadowed all tournaments previous to the Australian Open and indeed, all build up to it. You could hear the exaspaeration in the players voices during post match interviews.