Thursday, 9 April 2020

Strange Shopping

As I mentioned a while back, our kitchen tap is falling apart. Now, normally, DB would do this but with the current situation, he is a bit worried about a leak that he might not be able to fix. With that in mind, the whole tap replacement will wait until we can contact a plumber in case of said leak.

Unfortunately the new tap is a slightly different size (isn't it always) so just switch the handle of the tap can't be done. Now he is trying to switch the main on off bit inside the tap head.

We ordered our new tap online via click and collect with B & Q. Several emails ensued telling us how and when to pick it up.

Once it was ready for collection, we drove to the store, had to park inbetween well spaced car parking slots, edged by pallets of compost! The chap came to within 2 metres, asked for DBs name and for some form of ID. He then used his walkie talkie to ask them to bring out our order.

It was placed inside a blue box 2 metres away from our car. He then backed away, DB got out, picked up the tap and off we went. Very civilised.

On our way out, a woman drove in, ignoring the flagging down instructions from one of the chaps, and just parked where she wanted. She didn't get the chance to get out (presumably didn't realise the store was shut), before someone marched over to her, shouted at her to stay in the car and move to an appropriate slot.

Herewith a picture of the bit of our broken tap:
Whilst out, we did a bit of shopping in Sainsburys, Queued for a very short while to get in (2 metres apart), had my mask and gloves on. I was only one of two people wearing a mask and hardly anyone had gloves on:(

It was fair to say that a good deal of food and toiletry items are still missing and there were still about 15% - 20% of empty shelves.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Corned Beef Bake

This is a recipe slightly adapted from Frugal Queen in France on Facebook. I can't seem to post the link!

Anyway, I used 2 very large potatoes and two onions, sliced on a mandolin type thing. Potatoes, onions, slices of tinned corned beef (using 1/4 to 1/2 a tin per layer depending on depth required). Then repeat.

Cover with some gravy and bake at 200C for about 1 hour, mine took a little longer. I also used a slightly too big dish but hey ho!

It was lovely. We had it with vegetables and although the gravy evaporated slightly too much, there was enough. We ate half for tea and the other half the next day.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Busy bee...

I haven’t had a walk for two days to try and ease the bursitis in my right hip. It has been problematic for quite a few weeks but is slowly easing. I plan on walking today.

Our 4 raised beds give us 16 sides to paint. Today I managed 8 of them. All being well, the rest will get done today and Wednesday. They look so much better.

I did think Boris would have a problem with him still having symptoms on day 10. Everything I have read about this nasty disease indicates such an occurrence and I hope they can keep him safe. So many families torn apart by it. So many of us doing our bit and still too many idiots not taking it seriously. Still sunbathing, having parties and get togethers, still visiting family members for coffee and to see them.

If your family members DO NOT live in the same house as you, it is NOT okay to visit them. If you think you will not catch it or spread it with your stupidity, watch this: