Thursday 19 October 2023

New Blog Available

For now, I am reusing my walking blog. All the information from that has been deleted. You can find my new blog here:  This Norfolk Life

I may change the title some time in the future. It will still show what we are up to but also what I am thinking about current affairs as quite frankly, the state of this country and its so called government, is cheesing me off big time.

Within a few days, Frugal in Norfolk will then disappear, to be made private as a reminder of my last ten or so years.

Come find me!


Hi everyone

 Planned on a short break but lost my blogging mojo and not happy with current blog. Need to develop a new one, eventually. Bear with bear with etc!

Friday 25 August 2023

Using my new mincer

My Kenwood Chef (from the 1970's) has finally given up the ghost. A new one the same size would cost £400 then the mincer attachment another £150. 

I thought long and hard about replacing it (or getting it fixed which we may still do). For now though, I hardly use the rest of it so we shopped around for just a mincer.

We settled for a Duronic as it had quite good reviews. It is very powerful and noisy, making me jump when I switched it on:

I made enough bolognese sauce with out tomatoes for tea plus two more meals:

Whilst in the mood, I also made two crumbles using the brambles, dried apples and apricots:

We shared one with custard and put the other plus the two sauces into the freezer for later use.