Thursday, 30 March 2023

Air fryer lunch

Onions were sliced and gently cooked in one fryer drawer whilst chips were started in the other. 

Once the onions were softened, sliced liver was added along with a few diced fresh tomatoes. As that was cooking, I made some gravy and added it to the liver once it was cooked, along with a tin of carrots and peas. It continued to cook on low whilst the chips finished:

It wasn’t as dark as the picture and was very yummy. It took just 18 minutes from start to finish. Unfortunately, I had to kill a duck to make the chips - ha:


Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Greenhouse up!

We began at 08:30 and finished at 16:30, taking a short lunch and two tea breaks. The temperature when we started was barely 1C. Our hands got cold very quickly making the task harder. At one stage, my feet were so painful with the cold, I had to go inside and put on thicker socks and shoes!

Whilst the instructions were good there were a few decisions we could have done with their help, such as whether to centre things or put to one side. We centred them and at the end, realised we should have had them to the sides to get the downpipes and decorative fixings on. Too late by then so there are a few mini air gaps that will need sealant to stop wind forcing its way inside. Other than that, it went okay. 

Herewith the erected greenhouse. We still have downpipes to buy and add and whatever we want the water to go into. We need to put a few extra bolts on the window pane just to be safe and help keep down any rattling. Inside needs digging over at the sides and a path down the middle laying and the roof window will need an extra locks to stop it being ripped open in gales:

I am very happy with it (providing it doesn't keep me awake at night) and looking forward to growing things in it.

Sunday, 26 March 2023

Vegetable sowing lift off!

Vegetables that needed a heated base were sown on Tuesday and started to pop through on Friday:

These are a few of the 9 varieties of tomatoes! More are coming through now as well as peppers. Those sown in a tray are showing no signs of life yet but I am sure will pop through maybe next week.

The metal base of the greenhouse is now down, and weather permitting (a gentle breeze forecast), we hope to erect it tomorrow. It needs a still day and we think will take us quite a few hours to do so:

It is small at 6' x 4' deep but will give me 5 times more space than I had before and that will enable me to grow peppers, chillies and other items that previously needed a summer like last year to get good crops. 

We have adapted an old piece of greenhouse staging we had in the garden to give me both soil and a pot area to grow in one half. A few tomatoes especially beefsteak, in soil in the other half. The following year, the staging will move to the other side to rotate crops in the soil. I also hope to be able to sow winter salads etc.

Once the greenhouse is up, we shall remove any rubbish from the soil, add leaf mould and compost and give it a good dig (except for the mini path which is yet to go in).

The way food prices and the world is going at the moment, I think it very important to be growing as much as possible. Hence two extra raised beds put in last year and the extension of our rainwater collection system.

Watch this space!