Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Nappies and other things for the food bank

 Our local food bank website was checked before we went shopping. They were asking for size 6 nappies, tinned pasta, tinned rice pudding and long life (ultra heat treated) milk.

We got one packet of nappies plus 3 each of tinned pasta, rice pudding and the milk. Without nappies, I could have shopped for more food but, the thought of someone having no nappies for their baby saddened me. It came to 20% of our total food shop so not too bad, we normally aim for 10% but the nappies took us over. 

On the way home we popped into Farmfoods to get 2 x 30 cod fish fingers for £11 for us. They would have cost £15.50 in a regular supermarket. A great saving!

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Present buying

 We have already bought/made presents for everyone but not for each other. DB has lost a bit of weight due to eating like me. I am eating low fat, trying to reduce my slightly elevated bad cholesterol level, so he needed new trousers. Despite the wet weather we went shopping after tea and a scone for a treat.

Once we had eaten, we went our own ways and met back at the car a short while later. We have a set amount to spend and I could only get three for him before funds ran short. I shall look for a little something another time.

He bought two pairs of corduroy trousers in maroon and a nice brown.

Monday, 21 November 2022

Brr and ouch

 First mild frost this morning, certainly felt chilly though. I must admit, I do like to see the white on everyone’s roof and twinkling on remaining greenery.

Our food shop was relatively small this week so rather than human food bank items, decided on pet food. Goodness me, that is expensive. I avoided a certain dog food brand (begins with B) as it has such rubbish in it. In the end I settled on own brand dog food and pouches of cat food, came to £6.45. Similar branded items would have been nearer £12!

We will go to Lidl to finish shopping tomorrow morning, as we need to go out to get each other’s Christmas presents. Lidl prices on certain items are way cheaper.