Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Food Delivery Problems

I was reading an interesting article the other day about the 50,000 shortfall of lorry drivers, see here. 

Once upon a time, a lorry would delivery what had been ordered even if the lorry wasn't full. Now apparently, they haven't got the drivers to do that so only full lorries can be dispatched.

This is fine for most of the major supermarkets (but not all and not always) but not for Lidl. Apparently they are being inflexible and still demanding their orders whether the lorry is full or not. The drivers association has said that can't be done and they are starting to service other places first.

Such shortages were very evident in Lidl today. No fresh baked goods, many, many empty spaces in fresh, fridge and frozen produce. No one stocking the shelves as clearly no lorry had turned up. 

As usual, after Lidl we went to Morrison's. Quite a few empty spaces on shelves there and quite a few of their 3 for 2 berries were due to finish today and many were mouldy.

Forgot yoghurt so on the way home, popped into Sainsburys. There shelves were much better but still had gaps.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. If you haven't started to buy and store one or two extra things each week, you may find, that one day, they won't be there.

Yesterday may have been 'Freedom Day', but in every place we visited today, everyone was still wearing masks except for one customer and a couple of staff. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Boris!

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Warmer today

It is already hotter today and as well as the long blind out the back, we have attached the duvet cover for extra protection. I am pleased to say, for the most part, Ruby is laying in the shade. She had an early walk and won't get another one today. It drives me mad to see people dragging their dogs out for long walks in this heat. They are wearing a fur coat for heavens sake! The tarmac is very hot, would you walk on it barefoot? No? Then don't expect them to.

Although the pots were all watered yesterday, the tops had already dried out so they were watered again this morning. I need to harvest a few ripe raspberries but doing so would involve standing out in the sun. They can wait until later this afternoon when they will be in the shade.

My autumn journal is now finished apart from the outside cover, which I shall start today. That leaves me free to begin writing in my summer one and also think about play journals. I watched someone the other day, use a board book to journal in (the kind a baby has). Quite interesting.

A birthday card was quickly made yesterday for a friend but I am not sure I like it so may make another one. Keep yourselves and your pets as cool as you can.

As I used so much of my Brexit box in the early days of the pandemic, I am starting to create another one. You never know what is around the corner. We have all heard about the driver shortages, weather destroying crops, lack of farm and factory food processing workers. Best to be prepared methinks.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Getting on...

Well, I have trialled the style of mixed media I saw and wanted to have a go at, but don't like it at all. I much prefer what I am doing so that is where I will go. These are the best two of my attempts.  Both dulled down after the application of transparent gesso (which also left streaks), it also leaves a matte appearance, but to me, it just ruined them:

I get annoyed at buying the odd thing to attempt these trials but shall not be doing it again.

An hour was spent in the garden first thing, a big trug of weeds up and dead heading finished flowers. Containers watered and feeding done where required.

The blind along the patio is out but it is a bit windy so may have to be retracted slightly. We have an old duvet that attaches to it and a washing line to give us extra shade if we need to do this.