Saturday, 20 July 2019

They try to make us believe....

That chocolate and sweets are not shrinking. Cadburys flakes used to be thicker:

They are no longer that size now, don't care what they say. Both images from The Wonderful World of Chocolate.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Another present of a plant...

Also part of my present was another new to me item for the fruit cage, a Honeyberry or edible honeysuckle. One web site says it needs a companion to ensure pollination, others say not. We shall see. Our blueberries never had any problem in there being pollinated although they flower later. These can grow to 4' wide and 6' or so tall, hopefully, it will remain small enough for the cage!

It has a few flowers on it and two embryo fruit. The fruit is similar in size to a blueberry but more oblong in shape:

In this country, we tend to only have access to the Russian based strains, which are a bit more tart, so we shall see. The best ones for sweetness are the Japanese strains, ah well. If they prove too tart for eating raw, they apparently make fabulous pies and jam.

As we don't have much of a garden in the back, I have decided to now only grow items that cost more money to buy. You wouldn't see these for sale in the shops, blackcurrants are rarely seen and if they are, are very expensive, same with gooseberries.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Too hot....

We have been doing a little planting and tidying of our pots. Way too hot but we had to wait for the area we wanted to pot up, to get into the shade. Each large pot was given a whole can of rainwater:
The two large pots at the back, and plants, are an early birthday present from DB. The other pot was already in situ. Some close ups of the new pots:

In the middle at the base of each pot is a dwarf alpine Canterbury Bell. Either side are pansies. The top shrub is a dwarf leylandii type plant, growing to 4' in 10 years. The bottom pot has a dwarf picus, which will also grow up to 4' but a bit faster.

It is warmer in our north facing room, by two degrees C, than it is in the shaded area where our weather station sits. All temperatures are recorded in the shade I believe, so that is what we do as well.