Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Happy Birthday Ruby

She is One today! Out of all the pictures we took, this one made us burst out laughing:

Monday, 18 February 2019

Yuck and yum...

For tea yesterday we tried a tin of curry sauce, it was disgusting. Now my MiL used these to make a nice beef curry so I can only presume the recipe has changed. I added several things and it was still unpleasant. I won’t be buying anymore!

My new bread maker also bakes cakes so we gave one a whirl, ginger cake. The tin was a pain to line but I got there in the end. The cake took an extra 5 minutes to cook but smelled lovely. It was more like a ginger flavoured sponge yesterday, today it is better. Tastes lovely. We had a slice with sieved brambles and custard for pudding.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Another investment

The good thing about the UK, is that February and March (or March and April) depending where you live, are council tax free months. Rather than the council take this tax every month, it is taken over 10 months, giving your finances a boost this time of year.

We both love home made bread but I am getting to the stage where elements of it are becoming tiring. After a year or more of deliberation, we have invested in a bread making machine. I am not a purist and homemade bread is just that, whether it be by your own hands or a machine as far as I am concerned.

We bought one the other day and after washing what we needed to, made our first loaf, a basic quick white. We chose the large size, medium crust and 55 minutes later, here it is:
One crust removed to show you the inside:
Close up of the crumb:
It smelt wonderful, tasted gorgeous and had a lovely springy feel to it. The machine is pretty quiet which is another benefit. We put it through our slicing machine (just fitted) and got 12 slices from it. My own made bread would give us 16 smaller slices, so all in all, a good comparison.