Friday, 15 November 2019

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Layered Cashew Nut and Mushroom Loaf

The recipe for this can be found here.

I must admit, her version photographed much better than mine. We enjoyed it but I didn't enjoy it as much as usual. There is enough here for 6 - 8 people. We had two slices each and used between 1/3rd and 1/2 of it.

Here it is after resting for 10 minutes from the oven:
Served with a few vegetables. We had stewed apple and cream later in the evening. A bit brown looking but everything from this era of recipe books, seems to look dark.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Busier than usual....

Saturday chores are usually to change bed and wash the bedding. Both those done. I have also belated harvested my last few beetroot. A few carrots remain so their tops have been covered to help protect again frost.

A loaf of bread is on the go and later today, DB mainly, with a little help from me is making a mushroom, parsnip and cashew nut loaf. I fancied something savoury for a change.

We also nipped into town to get more pants and jim jam bottoms for me and a few other things. We were home by 10 am, just as it was getting busy.