Thursday 29 September 2022

Final Tomato Harvest and not such a bargain

 As we have been having night temperatures of 4C or 6C, thought it about time we brought in the tomatoes. I don't have a greenhouse and those temperatures are just too cold, poor things:

The large tray above, have Shirley and San Marzano plum tomatoes.

The above are Ailsa Craig.

We also filled up a 4 pint bowl of Ailsa Craig and Gardeners Delight. I shall let as many ripen naturally as possible, then either cook the rest for sauces, or make into chutney.

DB tried the neck shoulder warmer the other night. It is not microwavable:( Turns out, it has a button you press which sets off a chain reaction to heat the gel. It lasted for 60 minutes but once cold, set as hard as a rock!

The instructions said to lay it in a tray ot boiling water for 15 minutes then it will turn back into a gel. Two trays and 4 kettles later, it was still rock hard so it went in the bin. It said it was supposed to be able to be used 1000 times. We were not happy having to boil a full kettle 4 times, not in this day of expensive electricity. Some you win....

Sunday 25 September 2022

Two good buys

 The first from Home Bargains, which I found advertised on someone's blog. We used to eat these in Germany and Holland and loved them:

89p per 400g packets as opposed to a Lidl version at 1.59p per 500 gram, equating to 1.27p for 400g. We bought 3 of each to put away as well as try.

The second from Lidl. This cost 4.99p so thought we would give it a go. It is a microwavable gel device. We both get stiff necks and aching shoulders so hope it works but didn't find 4.99p too expensive to try it:

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Very uncomfortable!

 We had chiropractic treatment yesterday. A regular 3 monthly plan. My left back/hip area has been very uncomfortable for a while. My left leg was 1" shorter than my right. She diagnosed a restricted/fixated sacroiliac joint and began treatment.

Boy was it painful. I thought she might have needed to give me treatment for a locked jaw afterwards, so hard was I gritting my teeth. The treatment involved using her elbow with her full body weight behind it. 1 minute hard and deep push into my hip area, a quick rest, then she repeated it twice more. Then I had to get up, no mean feat, and do a couple of exercises against the wall to check if it had helped.

I will be back in another 3 months unless I need to go earlier. I felt very sore and bruised afterwards. Slept well but woke up a couple of times in pain:(


Saturday 17 September 2022

Dog and flowers

 Poor Ruby came back from her walk with both ears rolled up by burdock burrs, blasted things. DB had a hard job getting them all out but she lay there stoically:

This is what came out:

The dahlia seedlings I bought in spring didn't do well in pots so were transferred to spaces in the garden a month ago. They have gone mad, even if it is nearing the end of the season. I picked a posy of them yesterday:

I didn't realise they would mature into proper plants. As they were transferred, we noticed they were forming nice tubers!

Thursday 15 September 2022

Some things finished

 The runner and French beans are finished. I got one more lot to freeze then DB cleared them and raked over the soil. The courgette got the same treatment. Now we have access to the soil, we shall once again be doing in soil composting.

Simply dig a trench about 8” deep, half fill with kitchen scraps and rotten leaves if you have them. Cover over. As scraps become available repeat the process.

This worked well last winter in our 3 raised beds and we hope to begin in our 2 new beds as they become available. Yes volunteer potatoes and tomatoes rush up but just remove them if they aren’t needed.

Friday 9 September 2022

Carrying on

As sad as I am, my garden keeps producing and I have to keep harvesting and doing something with the harvest.

In the past week, I have picked and processed this lot:

The beans were blanched and frozen in vacuum sealed packets. The tomatoes along with a homegrown courgette, onions, garlic and basil, were made into more pasta sauce. I think I got 5 packets, despite only 4 showing here:

That makes a total of 9 sauces, 5 jars of sauce and loads of beans.

I now have another bowlful of tomatoes to process and probably one or two more bowls still to ripen. The courgette has probably had it. Picked the last one this morning. Maybe some soup?

Thursday 8 September 2022

The Queen has died.

 I am so sad.

At last!

 Finally got to speak to the doctor. Managed to get a cancellation online chat. Will be seeing him next Tuesday after an ECG with the nurse and other stuff.

As ever, things are starting to return to normal but maybe the ECG will show something up.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Been busy!

 Apologies for lack of posts. I have needed to rest more than usual between my list of jobs. My heart has been beating more irregular than normal, resulting in a pounding in my face. Blood pressure is fine and no, it’s not my sinuses.

Rubbish trying to get hold of the GP, lazy lot. Still have to get a phone call before seeing them, if they deem it necessary. DB phoned up last week, first phone appointment on the 15th!

Anyway, face isn’t so bad at the moment so hopefully it is calming down. If necessary I will traumatise myself further by a no doubt prolonged visit to A & E.

Fence painting is still ongoing. Three more gates to do but they will have to wait until after these next rainy days have finished.

Beans and more pasta sauce have also been made and are in the freezer.