Saturday 27 May 2023

Cool nights -still

 My tomatoes are huge and really need to go in the ground. Unfortunately we are still have too cool temperatures at night. They really prefer 10C at night and most nights we are 7C or below.

I will need to get them in, in the next day or so, and fleece them overnight. The temperature though, is still forecast for only 7 or 8C, for at least the next two weeks:(

Monday 22 May 2023

Fresh herb ‘tea’

 Having gathered enough blackberry leaves to dehydrate, I used one teaspoon (a spoon for tea leaves), plus the green tops and shoulders of 5 strawberries. I dipped a regular teaspoon in honey and let most of it drip off before stirring in. It was quite nice.

Next was lemon balm and mint, a bit too much mint but again okay. Final one was nettle, more medicinal but okay.

Onwards and upwards!

Sunday 21 May 2023

We’re back!

 Have we been on our holidays, nope.

Our switch to Sky went well as far as broadband went but not a single gadget would connect to the hub. We tried everything recommended but nothing worked. Using an Ethernet cable got the tv side of things working so that helped our frustrations.

After a day and a half, we phoned them up. Got a lovely lady who tried to help but couldn’t. Later in the day after checking extra things she had recommended, we phoned again. Got an even more helpful chap who sounded like he knew more. Nope, nothing connected.

He disappeared for a few minutes then came back on to say they would post us a new hub and could we return ours once the new one was up and running. The new hub would arrive via the post office within a few days:(

Being without the internet was so weird and very frustrating. We hadn’t even chosen a new digital internet phone so we were relying on the mobile.

Within a few minutes however, we got an email from Sky to say a new hub would arrive the next day via DPD. It did and within a few minutes of connecting it, we could connect all devices to it no problem. So satisfying as neither of us wanted a repeat stressful experience. Well done Sky!

Monday 15 May 2023

Nettle tea

 I mainly add dried nettles to soups and bread but today tried nettle tea. I did my research before so and suggest you do the same if you wish to try some.

1 good teaspoon was put in our cafetière and 1 cup of boiling water added. It was left to steep for 5 minutes.

Strained and taste tested, it need a teaspoon dipped in honey, and stirred in, to make it more palatable. Overall, not too awful, not great, but drinkable. I shall only have one a week to see if I tolerate it okay.

Baby blackberry leaves were picked this morning and are now dehydrating to give those a go. Haven’t got many growing yet. I would also like to try other berry leaf tea after more research.

Saturday 13 May 2023

What a weird May

 Yet again, a 9C day with a cold northerly wind. Washing is on the line and we hope the wind will partially dry it.

Heating has just been put on as the house is cold. Greenhouse remains shut. Tomorrow is forecast for sun and 18C temperatures. It is still too cold at night to plants out the tomatoes, maybe another week or so!

Friday 12 May 2023

Blooming cold!

 It has been so cold and windy today we have had to turn the heating on! The greenhouse has been shut all day as the wind would be chilling the plants way to much. Just 9C, brr.

Sunday 7 May 2023

The good and bad side of rain

The good - all the plants are growing like mad:

The bad - patio still keeps flooding as it never has time to drain properly as our water table sits so high:(

Greenhouse is now in use and the tomatoes are better for it. Just need warmer drier weather and everything can go outside into the raised beds:

Ignore the sponge on the door, it is just temporary. We have done more sealing to help keep out the bigger leaks, just a few more smaller ones to identify. Each polypropolene panel is now attached to the frame. This has strengthened them no end and has almost eliminated rattling. Metal duck is our latest addition!


Saturday 6 May 2023

Cost versus revenue

 For the coronation that is. I get a tad annoyed at those folk who are very vocal about the cost of living crisis versus money being wasted on the coronation. How they won’t watch it because of the waste of money, regardless of whether they are fans of the monarchy. The waste of money of having a royal family is also used everyday, yet as a whole, they generate more income for the country coffers than the amount the country gives them. 

Another argument is that no-one wants them, not my king etc. They know this because of the lack of flags up for the coronation. Well, we like the royals, as do most people I know, most of us have not got flags up. Never done it, doesn’t mean we are anti-royal.

If you don’t like them that’s fine. Want to moan that’s fine, just get your facts straight!

Having taken the time to actually find out, here are the numbers.

Approximately £100 million will be spent. In return it will generate, for the country coffers, not less than £1 billion. 

Friday 5 May 2023

Weather forecast

 Light rain, gentle wind.

Actual at 12:20, heavy rain, blustery wind, thunder and lightning!

Greenhouse door now shut, patio slightly flooded. Ah well.