Monday, 21 May 2012


It has been a cold, overcast day all day. Temperature hovering around 10 Celsius with a very cold wind. After a quick walk to feed B.'s rabbit and gerbils whilst she is away on holiday, we have stayed indoors. Even then, it has not felt very warm.

The Oops refers to yesterday. OH has had to invest in a new laptop as his other one was falling apart at its seems. Less and less peripherals were working so it had to be done. Anyway, he needed help sorting out the transfer of our money as it wouldn't work properly.

Made and poured up a cup of tea, wrapped the chicken and turned on the oven. Sat down to help. Two and a half hours later it was finally done. Phew. 

Went to put the vegetables on for tea only to find – yes you've guessed it – the oven had been on but the chicken was still sitting on the worktop. I have to admit, an expletive fell out of my mouth unexpectedly, more to do with the waste of energy having the oven on, than tea not being nearly ready.

Put said chicken in and quite frankly was so hungry, waiting for it to cook was making me not a very happy bunny.

OH suggested we go out for a roast so we did. He had roast pork and I had roast beef. Very nice and tasty. Came home to find the chicken done so it was left to go cold before putting away in the fridge.

We had all the brown meat tonight with mash and vegetables. The white meat will be used in the next couple of days. So much for my new menu!


  1. Lol that made me smile. So easily done when distracted.

    Karen x

  2. We've had lovely sunshine today. It's been so nice we had lunch and then tea outside in the garden.I'd have uttered an expletive too- glad the meal out was nice or that would have meant double disappointment. Hope it warms up for you this week.x

  3. Oh dear, what a shame about the chicken mishap. These things happen to the best of cooks when they get distracted. At least you will still have some more meals from it eventually.

  4. It is definitely starting to warm up here, not a lot but the cold 'bite' has gone.
    We had almost finished our Sunday dinner when I thought "mmm, less veg than I usually do". Oooops cabbage still in pan/strainer...........
    Carol xx

  5. The lengths some people will go to to get a meal out!!! Seriously, I have lost count of the amount of times I have done that sort of thing, I put it down to a busy mind!

  6. I've never done that but I'd be livid at not being able to eat on time! We had the most glorious day here yesterday and fish and chips on the way home from doing a walk for the book in Lamorna. Bliss!

  7. How annoying was that. But you did get out for an impromptu meal which is always good in my books. It was quite dull and overcast here yesterday but today is lovely, about 24 Celsius and oh so lovely to see that sun again!


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