Friday, 22 March 2013

Weather and what not

I have put the walk for this week on the new Walks II page tab above – Walks I tab is from 2011 when we first started walking. I never know how much info you can get on a stand alone page so once it started playing up saving stuff, I started Walks II page.

It seems some of you have or are going to get some snow. Just been on the web cam to check on my grand-dogs and it looks like they have some snow there. So far we are clear and if we get it, it is not expected to reach us until either overnight or tomorrow. Even then, we are supposed to be lucky and get only a light covering.

For those of you with snow, drive carefully, keep warm and have nice hot meals throughout the day. I have taken some chilli out of the freezer for tea tonight and will make leek, potato and barley soup for lunch.


  1. So much for spring, I think that most of us are sick of the cold, goodness knows what Easter is going to be like. My garden is still a cold bog, although some of my daffs have been brave enough to bud up.

  2. Mmm, leek potato and BARLEY, that's new one on me! Do you blitz the whole thing, or leave the constituent parts floating around in the broth? I do like barley, use it in lamb stews and bean soups a lot.


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