Monday, 19 January 2015

On-line privacy

I value my on-line privacy, not to a detrimental effect but certainly, take care with passwords, virus protection etc. How many of you have computers, tablets, hudl's, phones that have camera's. Most of you, probably. Do you think about virus's or other malware that can invade your computer/web camera, then watch you through those camera's or in general with people you speak to using them using Skype of Facetime etc?

No! Perhaps you should at least think about it then decide what to do, especially if you read the following which deals with an extreme type of cyber bullying, a film related to which was aired on Thursday 15th on Channel 4.

Whilst the gist of it relates to teenagers and younger children, it can and does happen to anybody. Just be careful about what you do on-line, especially if using your camera! You only need to read troll comments on some blog's to realise it does happen from a written point of view.

Whilst such comments can be deleted or you can adjust your settings to not allow anonymous postings, it can eat into you if you are that way inclined.

From a visual point of view, if you don't need to use the camera cover it up:
This is the one on my computer and our tablet is likewise protected with a simple sticky dot. If you rarely use your mobile phone camera (and we hardly ever do), cover it up with something that can be easily removed and replaced and make sure you do replace it at the end of photographing or talking face to face.

It is such a simple thing to do and could save you and yours a lot of heartache.


  1. Excellent advice DC, makes me wonder how some minds work when I hear about cases of trolling or any bullying for that matter.

    1. It is something I have been meaning to do but kept forgetting. Now done.


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